Prospectors – Yukon

The challenge has been made, Can we finish the rail in 2 months?

What is this page all about?

I am building a system to help Prospectors manage their own assets a bit better while at the same time linking them up to a trusted network.

With the emergence of Prospectors Boomtown. I thought it a great idea to build something that can be tested on a new world. I am also publishing a suggested timeline for the Rail Construction on this site which I will keep updated.

And maybe connect all our alliance members in all worlds with each other.
This system is also built on a reputation system to allow everyone to make use of it. But there will be some benefits to alliance only members.

The goals of this system is to allow the following functionality:

A) A trade board.

A place to list some of your excess resources to trade with others.

B) A Debit / Credit log to manage your own

A place to track who you own and who owns you. This section aims to tap user reputation to get credibility so you can potentially loan PGL and resources from other players. We have all undersold something in emergency times

C) A Contract log to help you track “contracts” you made with others.

This section is meant to help get users to work contractually. Maybe you have some arrangement that only pays off later. The goal here is to have a neat place to manage that.

With this I am sitting with a script that could check how many hours of work a single player has done on a specific plot for a given time range.

In future I will also have this section handle dual asset management. And add optional notifications on a per contract bases. In case you want to be reminded of some important event.

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